Saturday, August 06, 2005

my own illustration friday

I had to repost yesterday's blog because the image wasn't clickable.

This Friday's Illustration Friday topic is "empty." Haven't started on an idea yet for that but it will come....

So instead today I'm posting an illustration I was working on for fun. It's supposed to be a girl sketching but I'm not sure if that comes across. It was supposed to be me too but then it kind of evolved into someone else. Although it looks kind of cool I wouldn't call it a success because of the points I mentioned. Oh well....must move foward.



Osgood McSonogram said...

You shouldn't let the aforementioned points doodee your spirits--this is adorable Eren! Granted, it's not that clear that the girl is sketching, I love the contemplation pose more than a shot of her actually using the pen & book--the anticipation is delicious! Is it gonna be for your story? Because it's gotta wonderful, rich Golden Books quality to it. Hooray for buttermilk!

Garrett Shikuma said...

Wow, so much good blanquet artwork...makes my mouth woot-tah...or is that this austrailian toaster biscuit im eatin?

patricia metola said...

oooh! it is very pretty!

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