Monday, August 29, 2005

monday girl

Someone asked me why Monday girl's umbrella is so small. That's because it's her purse.

Monday girl is traditional charcoal


Unknown said...

beautiful sketch Eren!

chia said...

Eren, i'm pregnant. pregnant with love for that sketch! awesome!!

now if you'll excuse me, my water broke all over my love for puppy dogs and indifferance for the music of the smashing pumpkins.

Dik Pose said...

Eren, you must please let me go draw with you...pleeease!!!! I want to watch you create these little beauties!

Osgood McSonogram said...

I was totally gonna compliment this, but Chia's comment left a bad taste in my mouth (literally). I'm, I'm just gonna go now. Pretty drawing, but I'm gonna go now.

John Nevarez said...


Your stuff is awesome!! I love your sketches and I especially love your paintings. So beautiful. Will definitely come often to see your work.

chia said...

poor dik. i get to sketch with Eren every friday. :P

nickwatson said...

lovely stuff eren

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